Rita West grew up in a family of eleven children in New Orleans, Louisiana, where most of her childhood memories were centered around music. Whether it was singing and dancing around the kitchen while doing dishes, attending the choral concerts or opera recitals of her siblings, or laughing as her father sang the wrong lyrics to a song on the radio, music was always present. However, it wasn’t until after high school, when she served as a missionary with NET Ministries, INC, that she learned how to play guitar and realized that God had given her a gift that she couldn’t keep to herself. As her love for leading worship grew, the Lord instilled a desire in her to speak and give witness to the deep, personal love that God the Father has for each human person. Since 2010, she’s led worship and spoken around the country for retreats, summer camps, nights of worship, and mission trips for people of all ages.

The prayer of her ministry is that, by sharing the truth and power of God’s love through music and witness, others would be brought into a relationship with the Father, where freedom and healing await.

Rita has released numerous projects, including her debut record Chosen and collaborations with artists such as Novum Collective and John Finch. Her newest project released May 2019 - Invitation. Find her music in all digital stores or by clicking below.